DTI-tech ~ Drug Target Identification

DTI-tech - Drug Target Identification

DTI-Tech is a privately held company offering services to academia and biotech and pharma companies.

Experienced researchers focus exclusively on the drug's target identification and on protein-protein interactions.

A soon as a small molecule demonstrate a certain activity against target cell lines, it is important to uncover its mechanism of action by using genomics and proteomics methods.

Gene expression profiling helps to identify the pathways affected by the small molecule but only more sophisticated proteomics approaches can provide the list of the drug's targets.


Proteomics approaches available for drug target identification:

1) Chemical proteomics: a modified small molecule used as bait for the fishing of its protein targets.

2) DARTS (Drug Affinity Responsive Target Stability) method: the binding of a small molecule with its protein targets protect the latter from enzymatic proteolysis.

3) TPP (Thermic proteome profile) method: the binding of a small molecule with its protein targets protect the latter from thermic degradation.

We find the protein targets
of your drug-like small molecule.

Eugenio GaudioFrancesco PaduanoSimone Cristoni

Eugenio: Cancer researcher with more than 15 years of experience in the protein-protein interactions, synthesis of new anti-cancer agents (author of 3 patents) and development of new methods for drug target identification (winner of a SPARK grant on this topic). Research experience in the USA (Ohio State University) and in Switzerland (Institute of Oncology Research).

Francesco: With over 15 years of experience in molecular and cellular biology, regenerative medicine, stem cells biology and medical genetics, Francesco has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly understand and solve problems. Previously, Francesco held various positions in the National Cancer Institute and academic and non-academic centres in Italy. Francesco is author of 2 medical patents, co-author of more than 30 publications and three books.

Simone: CEO and founder of ISB Ion Source & Biotechnologies S.r.l. Simone is specialized in mass spectrometry. He discovered a new source of ionization (SACI - Surface Activated Chemical Ionization) applied to the drug discovery process. Simone published several technical and scientific articles and he is author of many patents.

Services as consultant

We offer the following services as consultant on the:

1) Identification of novel protein-protein interactions (PPIs).

2) Drug target identification by using proteomics methods (chemical proteomics, TPP, DARTS).

Services as experimenters

We offer the following services as experimenters on the:

1) Drug target identification by using our innovative and original DTI-Tech Method.

- We need INPUT samples: 2x20 millions of cells (in dry-ice) and 2mg of each small molecule.

- We provide OUTPUT results: very short list of the protein targets of each small molecule.

Our DTI-Tech method is based on the principle that a small molecule affects the binding of its protein targets to an undisclosed resin very avid for proteins. Both small molecules and drug protein targets remain in their native status.


DTI-Tech is also developing its own small molecules for application in oncology. Few candidates are now in discovery and preclinical levels of evaluation.


April 7, 2021: DTI-Tech and ISBioLab (www.isbiolab.com) jointly offer the new service of drug target identification (DTI-Tech method) at very competitive price

June 17, 2021: DTI-Tech is developing a new cell-luminescent based technology allowing the identification of the best binding compounds for each given protein target. This technology is aiming at identify the inhibitors of undruggable targets


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